About Us

Techslang is a bunch of jolly professionals bound together by an extreme fascination and passion for technology. We keep an eye on what’s new and what’s hot on the tech front, sharing what we learn and getting a huge kick out of it.

We know how puzzling technology can sound, so we created Glossaries that interpret the intriguing jargon using miniature stories that ordinary folks (like us!) can understand. We also delight in producing articles that take a Closer Look at the forces and innovations that are reshaping our lives. Technology has never been so down-to-earth at Techslang.


Q: Does Techslang sell or market products?

A: No. Techslang is only in the market for ideas related to technology and it’s not our purpose to sell products.

Q: Does Techslang need any subscription to be accessed?

A: Techslang provides free content for general information and is open to people who wish to add to their knowledge about technology. Readers are, however, encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest buzz about today’s most spoken tech.

Q: Can I contribute an article to Techslang?

A: Reader contributions may be accepted subject to guidelines that are contained in the Terms of Use.

Q: Where does Techslang get its information and insights?

A: Techslang has full-time writers and researchers making sure that its publications are relevant and accurate.

Q: How often does Techslang update its content?

A: Techslang refreshes its content regularly to keep pace with new developments and deliver its take on trending topics and events.

Q: Can Techslang ensure the privacy of participants to its weekly poll?

A: Techslang strictly follows privacy regulations and assures poll participants that their personal information is safe from any form of unauthorized disclosure.

Editorial Guidelines

We love good content and do our utmost to provide only the best to our readers. We cover the ground-breaking topics and issues that we believe readers need to learn about like blockchain, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, among others.

Relevance is always topmost in our heads, so we spend lots of time researching timely subjects, making sure that whatever we publish is accurate, ethical, and does not mislead. If you like to consider technology as a friend you can learn from, Techslang speaks your language.

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