Q: Does Techslang sell or market products?

A: No. Techslang is only in the market for ideas related to technology and it’s not our purpose to sell products.

Q: Does Techslang need any subscription to be accessed?

A: Techslang provides free content for general information. Readers are, however, encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest buzz about today’s most spoken tech.

Q: Are you open to collaborations?
A: Yes, we are. Please check our editorial guidelines to learn how we can collaborate.

Q: Where does Techslang get its information and insights?

A: Techslang has full-time writers and researchers making sure that its publications are relevant and accurate.

Q: How often does Techslang update its content?

A: Techslang refreshes its content regularly to keep pace with new developments and deliver its take on trending topics and events.

Q: Can Techslang ensure the privacy of participants to its weekly poll?

A: Techslang strictly follows privacy regulations and assures poll participants that their personal information is safe from any form of unauthorized disclosure.