Similar to how technology has disrupted the manufacturing industry, there is an ongoing debate about whether artificial intelligence (AI) will take over the customer service industry. However, just like humans have an advantage in customer service experiences, so does AI. This post will share some advantages AI has over humans in call centers.

Understand Customer’s Behavior Patterns

Today’s AI can perform visual arts, compose music, take pictures, answer calls and more. Artificial intelligence now has an improved predictive behavioral routing feature that relies on analytical data to match a specific customer with an agent. Customers are matched with the best agent to handle their situation based on expertise, personality, or model.

AI uses simple algorithms to help customer service executives predict the browsing patterns of their clients, helping call agents get better customer data without asking for background information. Artificial intelligence allows the call center to keep track of various conversations through emails, recorded calls, and chats. This makes it easier to receive data and predict each customer’s intent.

Automated Speech Recognition 

AI speech recognition technology is one of the advantages in the service industry. Its ability to recognize speech has helped communicate between companies and their customers. With AI’s speech recognition, the communication process of various call centers has improved. Questions are answered faster, and customers are easily transferred to the proper personnel or department.

For instance, humans in call centers can use automated speech recognition to understand their callers better regardless of background noise, accents, or grammar. As a result, agents respond to them better. It is also used in handling multiple calls and as a solution to offering automated call services to callers.


AI technologies like chatbots are not limited by research speed or typing. Using AI for customer service call centers ensures that a caller’s issue is solved quickly. Human call center agents may sometimes struggle with high query volumes. In such cases, AI and automation ensure that  the agents have the real-time data needed to serve customers promptly. Automated online FAQ content can also help provide swift answers to customers’ common questions. 

Manage Big Data 

Most customers are often frustrated at the number of times that they usually have to repeat their details when dealing with call agents. This usually leads to dissatisfaction. AI resolves such issues by analyzing, capturing, cross-referencing, and sharing information across channels and platforms.  In call centers, AIs can process and store each customer’s information. So the next time they call, they do not need to waste time repeating their details. The AI can easily recognize their voice and then conduct analysis and cross-referencing to ascertain the details of the customer that’s calling. 

Constant Availability 

An average human is only productive for about 3 – 4 hours daily. So, when compared to AI customer service, humans are less productive since they often require breaks and regular time off to balance their personal life and work properly. On the other hand, AI can work without breaks, time zones, and public holiday restrictions.

As such,  customers can have their problems or inquiries solved 24 hours a day and seven days a week. AI thinks faster than humans and can execute multiple tasks simultaneously with perfect results when answering customers. They can also handle boring and repetitive calls with the assistance of AI algorithms. Using AI also shows the company’s commitment to ensuring its customers are satisfied, building a good reputation.

Proper Analysis for Feedback 

With traditional call monitoring, data cannot be pulled from several sources in real-time. For instance, in call centers, human managers observe and monitor the performance of call agents. Sometimes, they do this with bias. The result is an inaccurate analysis that can affect the call agent’s score. The use of AI can improve such cases by monitoring and analyzing the responses of calls between agents and customers to generate feedback data that will enable the call agent to perform effectively.

There are many benefits to using AI technology in call centers. It is a powerful tool to help agents realize their full potential. Instead of the fear of AI or humans overtaking the other, a more likely situation would be working together to deliver the best customer service.

AI Technology Is the Best Thing that Happened to the Customer Service Industry.
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