A Java developer holds a technical position that deals with building and maintaining software that users should find straightforward. He or she is responsible for designing software, testing its efficiency, and ensuring that each process is congruent with each system’s function.

A Java developer works with software engineers to ensure the efficacy of programs and that each end-user would have the best user experience. Part of the job also means collaborating with different departments to make sure each component works consistently throughout.

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According to an analysis done by Burning Glass, software developers are in high demand. And those with skills in Java are sought after by most employers. If you want to take advantage of this trend, read on.

What do Java Developers Do?

The tasks expected of Java developers include:

  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining Java application stages
  • Developing software and performing architectural tasks
  • Doing software analysis and programming
  • Conducting testing and debugging activities 
  • Determining application issues that may disrupt processes
  • Developing technical and application codes for Java programs
  • Recommending solutions to improve Java processes

What Skills and Qualifications Should Java Developers Have?


Smaller companies only require Java developers to have a two-year associate degree but should have years of relevant experience. 

Many employers would prefer applicants with a four-year degree in computer science, computer programming, web development, or management information system (MIS). 

Some Java developers can also quickly advance their careers if they get certifications from reputable organizations:

  • Apache Spark Developer Certification – HDPCD
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification
  • Oracle-Certified Associate Java Programmer – OCAJP
  • Oracle-Certified Professional Java Programmer – OCPJP
  • Oracle-Certified Expert – Web Component Developer – OCEWCD
  • Oracle-Certified Master Java Enterprise Architect – OCMJEA
  • Spring Professional Certification


Since the bulk of the tasks of Java developers are highly technical, they should have expertise in updating programs and correcting software issues. They should be fluent in using Java-based web services, Structured Query Language (SQL), object-relational mapping, Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), JavaServer Pages (JSP), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Additional Skills

A Java developer often works with people in various disciplines to ensure the success of applications in development. As such, they should also have good interpersonal skills. Excellent problem-solving and project management skills also helps, as they are also responsible for implementing working timelines and deadlines.

How Much Does a Java Developer Earn on Average?

What is a Java developer’s typical salary? It depends on his or her years of experience. According to PayScale, a U.S.-based entry-level Java developer can earn at least US$60,000 a year. Those with at least five years of experience can receive US$84,000, while those with extensive knowledge of over 20 years can expect to get at least US$101,000 a year.

A Java developer should strive for continuing education if he or she wants a lucrative career.