A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist is responsible for analyzing, reviewing, and implementing relevant changes to websites to ensure that they rank well in search engines. His/Her work entails maximizing website traffic by creating pages that address the needs of their user base.

In simple words, an SEO specialist’s job is to make websites show up on the first page of search engine results. 

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SEO specialist

As most businesses start going online, the need for an SEO specialist can only be expected to grow more. Here are some things you should know if you plan to become an SEO expert.

How Do You Become an SEO Specialist?


While the field of SEO continuously grows and changes, one can’t learn about SEO from a traditional college program. The best route to take is to enroll in several SEO courses until you get a feel of how it is done. As most experts would advise, the best way to learn SEO is to create a website and start optimizing it to see if the techniques you learned along the way converts.


In terms of skills, an SEO specialist must be a problem solver and a keen decision-maker. You must be well-versed in creating an editorial plan and crafting high-quality content. That means that each content you produce must be well-researched with keywords that address the target audience’s pain points.

An SEO specialist must also be patient as his/her work involves many tests and implementations that range from website layout to content creation to make sure that everything works seamlessly.

An SEO professional is also responsible for continually analyzing websites and identifying necessary improvements. He/She is also tasked to do relevant and in-depth keyword research.

Watch this interesting video that shows what happens on a typical day in the life of an SEO professional:

How Much Does an SEO Specialist Earn on Average?

Glassdoor says a U.S.-based SEO specialist can earn an average of US$49,589 per year. Local Industry Search Survey, meanwhile, shows that a marketer that does SEO can make an average of US$88,532 annually. Freelance SEO experts can get at least US$50,661 per year.

Are SEO Professionals Necessary?

Many website owners, especially new ones, often believe they don’t need to hire an SEO professional since there are tons of free SEO tools they can use. But there are reasons why it is crucial to work with an SEO specialist, including:

Effective SEO Strategies Take Time to Bear Fruit

SEO specialists spend a lot of time to make websites rank. They dedicate a good percentage of their time to build backlinks and work toward establishing a reputation via blog and social media promotion. They also need to use metrics and analytics to measure success and tweak campaigns along the way.

Poor SEO Practices Have Consequences

Websites with inadequate optimization plans can suffer dire consequences. First, they won’t rank well in search engines. It is common knowledge that web users don’t go past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) to answer their queries. So websites that don’t appear on the first page can’t even start communicating with their target audiences. As a result, potential customers are bound to end up with competitors. 

Second, unethical use of SEO techniques or blackhat SEO practices is penalized by search engines. Some violators even receive lifetime bans.

SEO specialists are a vital part of an organization’s operations. Without them, websites would often hide behind the shadows of their competitors. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you. Contact us and learn how our SEO content writing services can help your site.