App store optimization (ASO) means optimizing mobile apps so they would rank higher in an app store’s search results. And it’s easy to see why, given that the higher an app ranks, the more likely it will be seen and downloaded by users.

The same rules and tactics that apply to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites and web pages can help in ASO.

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No one can make their apps more searchable without exerting effort. Successful ASO requires taking several steps. Several factors need to be considered as well.

What Should You Do to Make Your App Store Optimization Efforts Successful?

There are at least five factors app developers need to consider to make ASO work.

Make Your App Name and Title Catchy

Apart from reflecting on what your app does, the title on your app page should have the top keyword so it can get as much search traffic as possible. It would help if you spent a lot of time on keyword research before creating your page. After release, changing your title can negatively affect its ranking, especially if it already has a good following.

Keyword research shouldn’t stop when you find the right title for your app page. In fact, that’s only the beginning. You must continue keeping track of the top keywords not only to update your page content from time to time but also to monitor the competition.

Keep Users Happy

Ratings and reviews, so long as they’re good, that is, are a must for an app to thrive. While they are difficult to control, you can still manage them by constantly improving your app. You can also incentivize users to leave good reviews. At the end of the day, highly rated apps get more views and, ultimately, more downloads.

Make That Elevator Pitch Stick

While integrating top keywords into content works very well for SEO, the same can’t really be said about ASO. In ASO, what works better is describing what your app does accurately. But you don’t have a lot of space to do that, so you need to keep descriptions short and sweet, specifically not more than 252 characters long. Think of your app description as elevator pitches.

Use Pictures and Videos

We can’t help if some people really have a hard time deciding if they want to download an app or not. Enticing demos may help. You can use screenshots and even video demos, especially if your app has excellent graphics.

Why Do You Need to Employ App Store Optimization?

The simple truth is that the more views your app gets, the more downloads. Given the tough market competition, you need a way to get ahead, and that is ASO. Keep in mind that 70% of users find apps via searches.

Does Everyone Need Help to Do App Store Optimization?

More prominent app development companies probably have their own ASO team, but we can’t say the same for smaller developers. The latter may need a little help from pros, and there are many to choose from. 

Regardless of how big your app development company is, the goal stays the same—to get as many people to download your creations as possible. So the answer to the question is a resounding yes. All app developers need to perform some kind of ASO to succeed.

In a world of stiff competition, you need to pull out all the stops to make it. ASO can help if you’re an app developer.