Churn and burn search engine optimization (SEO) is a blackhat strategy to flood a website with unnatural links so it would rank on search engines quickly. It is also known as “rank and bank SEO” because it makes a website rank so it can bank revenue.

Churn and burn SEO is often practiced by scammers whose goal is to make a fraudulent site rank so they can rip people and disappear if identified. The practice can get a website penalized but most risk doing it because it guarantees ranking and a substantial revenue. The term is apt in that it gets a site churn (lots of visits) before it gets burned when it’s penalized.

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How Does Churn and Burn SEO Work?

Blackhat SEO practitioners often buy expired domains and use a software to get old content. Once these websites are populated with published content, churn and burn SEO practitioners sell backlinks from them. These backlinks appear clean and help customers’ sites earn so the scammers get paid. But when search engines find the links unnatural, the scammers’ website is penalized. The blackhat SEO practitioners can simply disappear after making money and not care about their customers. Most move on and operate using a different name.

Another way to go about churn and burn SEO is to create a primary site and get buffer sites. The scammers spin content and fill buffer sites with it. The content always has backlinks to the main site.

While churn and burn SEO can get a site blacklisted, it does offer some benefits. It helps websites rank quickly, especially since whitehat SEO strategies take a while to kick in. But the practice should only be reserved for temporary sites such as those for event promotions that should be discarded after the event.

Is Churn and Burn SEO Worth the Risk?

Churn and burn SEO is a highly effective method for ranking websites. But like any high-return investment, it poses huge risks. The practice should be limited to sites that offer a fast-moving product or promote a seasonal product. Websites meant to stay online for the long haul should never do churn and burn SEO. They are better off investing in a reliable SEO article writing service to reap the benefits of having high-quality backlinks.

In addition to SEO article writing, they can also use pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. They can earn from each ad click on their sites. The backlinks the ads provide also ups their website ranking but only when done right.

Will Churn and Burn SEO Work Today?

While churn and burn SEO can bring tons of backlinks to your website, many will not get indexed naturally. This is because Google has tremendously improved its algorithms to filter links built via blackhat SEO tools like GSA, Sape, and Scrapebox. Before, Google only tested backlinks through pinging.

Over the years, however, the effectiveness of this method waned. Today, a new post can indexed via submitting to Google through webmaster tools. That does not work for indexing backlinks because you don’t have direct control over the sites linking to your websites.

That said, churn and burn SEO may not be a useful strategy to generate backlinks, particularly now that SEO experts use automated backlink indexers. The days of pinging or manually building links are long gone.

Churn and burn SEO may bring your website the desired results fast but it should be used with caution. It can bring about negative effects when search engines get wind of its application. As always, it’s best to stick to legitimate methods that are much cheaper and more effective such as availing of SEO content writing services.