Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of science created in 1956. Afterward, the term “AI” became popular and today, no one would not understand what AI is or have not heard of it at least once. This section of computer science has evolved more and more over time and played a very large role in changing the world in the last 60 years.

However, many people misinterpret the term and think that it refers to some robot endowed with intelligence. In fact, it has little to do with reality. Initially, AI was positioned as a field of science, which deals with computer modeling of various abilities of the intellect. Social media platforms originally included AI in their development costs. Why? It has become a must-have for social media to work correctly and keep up with the times.

How Can Social Media Use AI?

It has long been a fact, not a secret, that all of the latest technologies use AI. It is a core component of any modern platform. For example, without AI, it would be impossible for the filters different platforms use to work.

AI enables truly amazing things, including voice texting and exploring vast amounts of data. AI can also listen to a large number of songs and identify common characteristics to predict the success of a particular track on music platforms.

AI also often provides advice on user profiles, suggesting the right applicants for a job from an extensive database. Naturally, AI is also suitable for targeted advertising and improving search functions. And that’s not all. AI can also be most beneficial when creating or improving social networks.

AI for Social Networks

It is very difficult to keep track of all the innovations that social networks offer for business users and individuals alike. Still, the following information will be more useful for those who develop a personal brand in social networks or have a business page, product, or service. With AI’s help, enterprises can optimize processes and gain more profit while spending less time.

1. Competitor Analysis

It is critical for business owners to determine who their competitors are, study what offers will entice more potential consumers, and improve their branding. AI can reduce a month’s worth of work to hours. AI also gives them the ability to track competitors and analyze the strategies they use on social media. They can literally know their reach and conversions and optimize their promotion strategies based on that data. Various platforms like Mention and can help with that. Other auxiliary platforms you can choose from are also out in the market.

2. Audience Analysis

AI is definitely a great option as well for creating accurate portraits of potential customers. To convert audiences into “money” or ensure that you zoom in on those who are truly interested, you need to customize your advertising strategies.

Create content for them to pique their interest. AI will help you find out what your audience likes, what will attract their attention, and what content they prefer to share with friends. A great AI tool for that is Socialbakers. It’s a powerful tool that literally helps you get inside your audience’s head and help your brand make posts and promotional messages attractive and enticing.

3. Personalization

A large number of customers means more time. Hiring a huge customer support team is costly but not with AI. You can invest in chatbots that will answer customers’ most common questions and help them cope with problems. That will boost their brand loyalty because the chatbots can answer at any time.

Creating a chatbot is not hard, you just need to upload all the relevant information about your product that will be useful for customers. With the help of digital learning AI, the chatbots can address customer requests and give personalized experiences on social media.

AI will help you save money and time, while getting good results that will have a positive impact on your business on social networks and beyond. However, do not forget that all this should be implemented with human supervision, as AI systems can suffer from software failures. That said, while AI can’t fully replace humans, it is definitely not worth ignoring if you want to build a successful business.

Going social means spending as much time as possible on content creation. While many advise to create content with AI’s help, it may not be the best way. Why? While it’s fast and new programs can already copy the human writing style, social networks are meant for live communication and humor—two things AI still can’t do.

Barring that, some AI features can facilitate content writing. An example would be creating Instagram highlight covers with special programs. It’s much easier to do and you can personalize content yourself. You can also implement social media apps that help you structure and calculate conversions. Developing an AI system is always difficult, but keeping up with the times while not losing your branding is critical in today’s world.

All Social Media Platforms Use AI in One Form or Another.
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