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We offer tech brands SEO-fueled article and blog writing services to drive awareness and web traffic.


seo article writing services


SEO article writing is the process of creating articles and blog posts that are meaningful to human readers while having a good selection of keywords for search engines. SEO-optimized content is therefore well-equipped to provide value to target audiences and make it to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).


Benefits for Your Tech Brand

It’s tough to compete for attention online. Things get worse, though, if you don’t make SEO article writing part of your business strategy. Topping SERPs can significantly impact your company’s online presence. Don’t let bigger brands steal your thunder. Let our SEO article writing services help your brand stand out!

Improve ROI

Search engine-optimized content is a valuable asset to drive relevant traffic to your site. It can help you get more leads that you can then convert into sales, thus allowing you to maximize returns on investment (ROIs). 

We have extensive experience in helping clients improve their SERP ranking and bring traffic to their sites.

Grow User Demand

It’s every tech startup's goal to grow its user base. Start gaining more readers with the help of SEO-enriched content that fits your target audiences’ needs. 

We can work together to reach your audiences with specially crafted and attention-grabbing content that matches their search requirements.

Beat the Competition

While they say “Competition drives the market,” every tech brand wants to stamp out competitors. But you can’t do that if you don’t know who you’re up against. 

We can help you find untapped opportunities and address content gaps so you can stay on top of the game at all times.


We take SEO article writing seriously. That’s why we employ a three-step writing process that allows your sites to score high in terms of  SERP ranking. It considers several factors founded on crafting compelling content that features highly specific and targeted keywords and keyphrases users are most likely to look for.

Our SEO article writing process strikes a balance between satisfying search requirements and providing value to readers. We know how important keyword research is. That’s why we have content strategists and A-plus content creators and marketers who put in a lot of time and effort to deliver keyword-optimized content for all your business needs.



Step 1: Identify Your Target Market

Before starting content creation, we first need to know who we’re talking to. Identifying your target market or audience is essential. That is, after all, the only way we’ll know what they’re looking for and how they’d like content to be presented. We aim to answer questions like “Who am I talking to?”; “Are they tech-savvy?”; and so on. The idea? Craft relatable content that would appeal to your target audiences.

Step 2: Do Keyword Research

Once we know who we’re talking to, we do diligent keyword research. This stage involves analyzing how many searches were done for particular keywords or keyphrases within a given time frame as well as considering important factors such as keyword difficulty. We also assess how your competitors use the keywords and keyphrases for differentiation.

Step 3: Go Ahead with Content Writing

As soon as we’ve identified the keywords that would bring you that much-needed competitive edge, we start putting your intended message on paper. We make sure, of course, that what we create is both informative and appealing to your target market while ensuring you score high in terms of SERP ranking. The content we produce undergoes high-quality research, writing, and thorough editing to make sure it’s free of style and grammatical errors.

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    Why Is SEO Important in an Article Marketing Strategy?

    SEO is an important element of article marketing strategies because it levels the playing field across industries. Effective SEO tactics, when applied to article marketing strategies, is one way to make search engines consider a website more visible and trustworthy to target audiences.

    Taking advantage of SEO article writing services can bring enterprises increased traffic. When a website appears at the top of SERPs, it is perceived as reliable and credible. As such, it can get a higher number of impressions and clicks.

    All these efforts translate to improved brand awareness, which ultimately leads to higher conversions over a longer time frame.

    What Makes Your SEO Article Writing Services Different?

    Techslang’s SEO article writing services focus on providing tech startups with advantages in an overly competitive market.

    Our team understands how hard it is for some tech enterprises to create content that can easily connect with intended users. We have deep experience writing about technical topics, and as a result, we can dive deeper into your startup’s content needs and help you articulate your ideas. We conduct in-depth industry and keyword research to produce desired results.

    Our team ensures that each article we develop for tech startup clients can engage their target audience and deliver their message.

    How Do You Write SEO-friendly Articles?

    The Techslang writing team follows a standard but rigorous process to craft relevant content for clients. It starts with brainstorming to know their goals, and we strive to meet those with our SEO article writing services.

    Once we get an idea of what our client wants to achieve, we begin doing extensive industry and market research to know what target audiences want. That includes doing in-depth keyword research to see what readers are looking for.

    We always follow best practices set by major search engines. That way, we are assured that our content brings positive results without unwanted repercussions.

    Do I Really Need SEO Article Writing Services for My Startup?

    Yes. Startups need all the help they can get. Penetrating an already-saturated market, especially by big-name brands, is tough. One of the most effective ways to make your products and services stand out is through an effective SEO strategy.

    Most startups, especially in the tech industry, face the dilemma of crafting content that works. It is often difficult to translate industry jargon into content that anyone can easily understand. Not all tech consumers are tech-savvy, after all. Techslang can help you find the right voice for your pieces and achieve the proper level of complexity, depending on who your customers are and what pain points they need to solve.

    Why Is Competitors’ Analysis Important for SEO Article Writing?

    To craft an effective SEO campaign, you also have to factor in your competitors. Doing a competitor analysis is useful because it helps you establish who your main rivals are.

    Given that information, you can dig deeper to assess their place in the market and how their presence affects your own strategies. Competitor analysis helps you understand what methods they currently use and which work for them.

    Competitor analysis also provides organizations an idea about market rivals’ weaknesses. When done right, it helps them strategize campaigns to address gaps and swoop in when and where rivals fall short.

    Why Does SEO Take Time before You Get the Benefits?

    SEO takes a while before websites enjoy its benefits. First, SEO campaigns have to factor in tons of observation, research, and data gathering.

    Second, competition has grown a lot tougher. It may take a while for any website to rank because most well-established sites have been around longer and may have already perfected their SEO campaigns.

    That does not mean, however, that investing in SEO is a waste. The right approach is to start now so you can reap its long-term benefits. The sooner you begin, the faster your website starts ranking in search engines.

    What Is The Role of Keyword Research in SEO Article Writing?

    An effective SEO article writing strategy is one that values the importance of keyword research. Doing keyword research means making sure the content has what it takes to become visible in search engines. How? By crafting pieces with user intent in mind.

    Content, no matter how well-written or credible, would not bring results if it does not address readers’ queries.

    Developing articles that answer users’ questions and address their pain points can help get clicks and conversions that truly matter.

    What Does On-Page Optimization Mean in SEO Article Writing?

    On-page optimization in SEO article writing means creating content for human consumption. That means that the way an article is written should provide insightful information that readers would appreciate while adhering to SEO best practices.

    The ultimate goal is to satisfy users and not just search engines. Part of that is using target keywords and key phrases to make content visible to target readers.

    As a result, your content piece has more chances to start ranking higher for your focus keywords and therefore get more visitors.